THTR T525 Sec. 4515 D. Hale-Thomas

Speech for Stage

1:00-2:15p TR 3 cr. hrs.

Prerequisite:THTR T325 or consent of the instructor.

This course is a review and strengthening of voice work, and a thorough investigation of vowels and consonants in the context of the actor's goal of clarity in articulation. Sound and movement work is included along side exercises to limber the lips and tongue. More extensive work is done on text that is vocally demanding to increase the actor's agility in handling language. In tutorial individual speech and vocal problems are addressed. The emphasis is on the whole actor and ways of approaching text in rehearsal dealing with the issues of voice, speech, and movement in an integrated manner.

Required: Linklater, Kristin. Freeing Shakespeare's Voice.
Suggested: Berry, Cicely. The Actor and the Text.
Suggested: Rodenburg, Patsy. The Need for Words.
Assignment and Exams will be determined by the progress of the class; there will be 5 text performances.