Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Introduction to Apparel and Textiles
H100 | 0517 | Rowold

Meeting Day and Time  M, W, 4:00-5:15

Course Description and Content

This course will focus on the origins and
motives of dress, the interdisciplinary
study of apparel and textiles, and
introduction to apparel and textile research.
In addition, investigation of careers in the
textile and apparel industry will be discussed.

Required Texts and Readings

Sproles, G. B. and Burns. L. D.,
Changing Appearances:
Understanding Dress in Contemporary Society.
New York:  Fairchild Publications, 1994

Outline Course Requirements

The students work in groups to prepare a
research paper (5-6 pages) related to a
current apparel/textile industry issue
discussed in class.
There are three exams;
four brief internet exercises; and,
four brief field exercises.

Other Comments

This course is required for apparel
merchandising majors