Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Apparel Structure Principles
H207 | 0524 | Rowold

Meeting Day and Time M, W, 9:15-11:45
Course Description and Content

Fabric manipulation - pattern selection -
pattern alteration and fitting techniques
which apply to basic apparel construction.

Required Texts and Readings

Reader's Digest, Complete Guide to Sewing,
Coats and Clark, Sewing for Children

Package of hand-outs from T.I.S.

Outline Course Requirements

Completion of three garments:  a) skirt b) blouse;
c) child's recycled garment; and,
20 sample construction techniques; 2 exams.

Other Comments

Objectives:  To gain knowledge of basic clothing
construction and understanding basic principles
in clothing construction.

Required supplies:  Material for all three
garments and yardage for sample book of
different sewing techniques.