Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Design Methods
H363 | 0550 | Mitchell

Meeting Day and Time M, W, 8:00-9:15

Course Description and Content

Design methods, design research, and
programmatic information pertinent to
solution of residential and contract
design problems

Course Overview

Often a design process ends with the thought
"If we had known at the start what we
know now we'd never have designed it like this"
One of the main reasons for seeking new
methods is to avoid this "learning too late.

John Chris Jones, Design Methods, 2nd ed.

As Jones' quote indicates, the key to design
methods is informing, and improving, design
decision making.  Whereas historical and
precedent studies tend to focus on the
geometrical or formal bases for design,
and work in the studio addresses immediate
technical and pragmatic requirements for
design, the use of design methods falls
somewhere in between, providing a means
for integrating the formal and programmatic
requirements of design.

Required Texts and Readings

A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, et al

Outline Course Requirements

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