Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Interior Design III--The Dwelling
H373 | 0552 | Snyder

Meeting Day and Time T, R, 1-4

Course Description and Content

Design of dwellings for various individuals/groups
in a variety of contexts; integration of social,
technical, spatial, and environmental factors

Required Texts and Readings

Ching, Francis D. K., Building Construction Illustrated.
Second Edition.  New York:  Van Nostrand Reinhold.  1991.

Panero, Julius & Martin Zelnik.  Human Dimension
and Interior Space.  New York:  Whitney Library
of Design, 1979

Reznikoff, S. C., Interior Graphic & Design Standards.
New York:  Whitney Library of Design.  1986 (Recommended)

Other readings provided

Outline Course Requirements

Construction model, 2 projects, various exercises

Other Comments

Projects include the opportunity for both individual
effort and collaborative teamwork.  Certain projects
will require written design analysis.