Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Cultural Aspects of Dress
H401 | 0531 | Christiansen

Meeting Day and Time  T, R 4-5:15

Course Description and Content

This course is designed for students to understand
human behavior, particularly behavior with regard
to dress and appearance, from a cultural perspective.
Theories of cultural anthropology will be used to
explain and understand how and why humans dress and
adorn themselves as they do.  How dress and appearance
are influenced by the technology, social structures
and world view of different cultural systems will be
studied.  The course focuses on cultures of the world,
but also includes discussion of American sub-cultures.

This class will be a combination of lecture and
discussion formats.

Required Texts and Readings

Readings packet for course at TIS.

Outline Course Requirements

Research Project - 100 points
Article Reviews - 50 points
Participation, Discussion, Attendance,
Quizzes - 100 points
Mid-Term Exam - 100 points