Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Topic: Strat. in Store Operat.
H490 | 0543 | Mekraz

Meeting Day and Time: T, R 4-5:15
Course Description and Content
This course deals with the issues
and challenges that store management
personnel are faced with in today's
retail environment.  As the challenges
have gotten bigger over the years, and
as the competition became tenser,
retailers are working hard to provide
the best shopping experience for the
customer in their store.  The course
will deal with a variety of issues
ranging from human resources and people
management issues, to achieving sales
objectives, customer service, managing
freight and the flow of merchandise,
execution of markdowns, managing safety
and dealing with accidents and dealings
with loss prevention.

Required Texts and Readings:

Required packet available at T.I.S.