Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Textiles and Apparel in the Global Economy
H504 | 0558 | Jung

Meeting Day and Time:  T, R, 1-2:15

Course Description and Content

This course is an in-depth study and critical
analysis of both classic economic theories and
rapidly emerging economic issues that affect
the development of the textile and apparel
industry on the international level.
Analysis of theories of labor, dependency,
interdependency and their impact on textile
and apparel production will be examined.  Students will
(1) gain an understanding of the broad economic,
political, social and cultural dimensions of the
U.S. and international production and trade of
textile and apparel products,
(2) gain an understanding of the competitive
status of the U.S. industry in the global economy,
(3) examine economic factors of the textile and
apparel industry,
(4) analyze national and global trends in the
(5) gain an understanding of the theories of labor,
dependence, interdependency, and development, and
(6) develop a strategic plan for import or export
of textile and apparel products with regard to
a specific country.

Required Texts and Readings

Dickerson, K. D. (1994).  Textiles and Apparel
in the International Economy.

Outline of Course Requirements:
(1) Three exams, (two midterms and one final)
(2) Research project on an international company
demonstrating research skills of primary and
secondary data collection.
(3) Lecture for one complete class period on
topic of concern to international trade of
textiles and apparel,
(4) an import/export strategic plan for
either the import or export of a specific
textile and apparel product.
(5)Article reviews using research journals
and trade publications that cover the research
topic and current global trade issues.