Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Internship In Professional Practice
Y398 | 0524 | Shaffer

Meeting Day and Time: Arranged

Course Description and Content

Designed to provide an off-campus supervised and
coordinated career work experience in a cooperating business,
consumer agency or other related field.  Students have worked
in retail stores, buying offices, advertising agencies,
manufacturing facilities, showrooms, and in other
retail/merchandising positions.

Required Texts and Readings


Outline Course Requirements

Students must work in the business eighty hours per credit
hour received (up to six credit hours).Internship proposals
must be approved by Y398 instructor prior to the internship
Apparel Merchandising Department.  Prerequisites:  M300,
H209, GPA 2.5, Jr. Standing

Other Comments

Students can either interview through the Internship
Opportunities Program or solicit a company
on their own to find an internship.