Anthropology | Indians in U. S. in 20th Century
E329 | 0496 | Thomas

In this class you will view American Indians from their own cultural
views as it occurred throughout the 20th Century in the United States.
We will concentrate on the differences of Native and non-Native views on
the topics, but not limited to, health, ethnic identity, education
(boarding/public schools), economy, politics, religions, history,
pre-history, the future, enculturation, acculturation and assimilation.

Four books will be used written by American Indians.  Chapters from
the four books will be assigned to students for analysis and in-class
presentations. In addition, there will be two exams (mid-term & final);
a ten-page research paper, and four short assignments. 20% of the grade
will depend on class attendances and active class participations.