Anthropology | Undergraduate Seminar:French Social Thought
E400 | 0497 | Bahloul

This course aims to teach students how to READ, explicate, analyze, and
scholarly use major contributions in French social thought.  Discussions
will address these thinkers' status in 20th century's human sciences and
in contemporary anthropological theory in particular.  Six authors have
been selected, namely Emile Durkheim, Marcel Mauss, Claude Levi-Strauss,
Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, and Pierre Bourdieu.  All texts will be
discussed in their English translation.

There are no prerequisites but some background in social sciences is
highly recommended.

Course Requirements

1. For undergraduate students
-one mid-term and one final examinations (20% and 25%)
-one mid-term research paper (10 to 15 pages, 35%)
-class attendance and participation (20%).
2. For graduate students
-one mid-term examination (25%)
-one mid-term research paper (15 pages min., 35%)
-two oral presentations (30%)
-class participation (10%)


Barthes, R. 1964, Elements of Semiology
Bourdieu, P., 1977, Outline of a Theory of Practice
Durkheim, E., 1972 Selected Writings
Foucault, M. 1972 Power/Knowledge
Levi-Strauss, Cl., 1963, Structural Anthropology 1987, Introduction to the
work of Marcel Mauss
Mauss, M., 1990 [1950], The Gift