Astronomy | Modern Observational Techniques
A305 | 0572 | All

This is a one semester 4 credit hour course that has a prerequisite of
A201-A202, calculus, Physics P201-P202 or P221-P222, consent of
instructor.  This is an undergraduate "hands on" class.  The Kirkwood
12-inch refractor is the instrument used by the students to obtain the
data they are responsible for analyzing.  The observational projects
include photoelectric observations and photelectric photometry. CCD
imaging projects are also included in this course.  In these, students
are introduced to the principles and operation of CCD imagers in
conjunction with stellar photometry.  Associated with the
observational work are tasks that include the preparation of
finding-charts, CCD and PMT (photomultipler tube) calibrations, and
computer data acquisition and analysis.