Criminal Justice-coas | Topic: Crime in Popular Media
P300 | 1572 | Head

This course is designed to examine the way that crime and criminals
have been portrayed throughout the last 70 years in popular movies and
on television.  Crime has always been a favorite source of material
for Hollywood, and we will be exploring the way that the depiction of
criminal activity reflects the social mores of a particular era.  We
will examine how crime and criminals have been portrayed in each
decade by viewing two popular crime films/TV shows from each decade
beginning with the 1930's through the 1990's.

Thus, this course will have elements of history, sociology, criminal
justice, film criticism, and communications courses.  We will view and
critique several films and television shows in class and students are
also expected to view additional films and television shows outside of

Instructor:  Professor Bill Head, Criminal Justice Department

	Gianetti, Louis Understanding Movies
	Reading Packet

Class Meeting:	2:305:00, Wednesdays, ED 1120