Criminal Justice-coas | Police in Contemporary Society
P301 | 1573 | Verma

This course is an introduction to the study of policing and will deal
with four general topics: a) The role of police in the society. b) The
structure and culture of police organizations.  c) The function and
activities of the police.  d) Police deviance and accountability.

The course will present an overview of concepts, themes and issues
encountered in the study of police.  Topics will include: Exploring
the role of police the society; History of American Police,
Relationship with the Criminal Justice System; Nature of Police
Functions; Accountability; Corruption, Organizational Structure;
Professionalism; Criminal Investigation and Community Policing.

The objectives of the course are to acquaint the student with the
extensive literature and research work on the police; to critically
examine the police as a component of the criminal justice system and
to explore the complex nature of that profession.  The course also
aims to assist those who are considering a career in the police to
fully understand its nature and share its excitement.

Readings:  To be announced

Requirements:  Two mid-term exams each worth 30%
	       Final examination 40%
	       The exams will consist of short essays and
multiple-choice type questions.

Class Meeting:	Two 75-minute lectures each week (TR, 2:30-3:45P, BH

Instructor:  Professor Arvind Verma, Criminal Justice Department