Criminal Justice-coas | Law & Society: Cross-Cultural Perspective
P340 | 1577 | Luskin

Roles of legal institutions and processes in social and cultural
systems.  Cross cultural examination of the foundations and contexts
of legal forms and content and their relation to social, economic, and
political systems and institutions.  Analysis of legal impact, legal
change, and legal development.

Readings:  Packet of readings including from a variety of disciplines
and perspectives.  Sample readings might include:

Feldman, Eric. 2000.  "Blood Justice: Courts, Conflict, and
Compensation in Japan, France, and the United States."  LAW & SOCIETY
REVIEW 34:651-701.

Donohue, John. 1998. "The Legal Response to Discrimination:  Does Law
Matter?"  In HOW DOES LAW MATTER?, edited by Bryant Garth and Austin
Sarat.  Evanston, Illinois:  Northwestern University Press.

Casper, Jonathon, Tom Tyler, and Bonnie Fisher.  1988.  "Procedural
Justice in Felony Cases."   LAW & SOCIETY  REVIEW 22:483-507. Heinz,
John P., Robert L. Nelson, Edward O.

Laumann, and Ethen Michelson.  1998.  "The Changing Character of
Lawyers' Work:
Chicago in 1975 and 1995."  LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW 32: 751-775.

Requirements:  Class meetins will combine lecture, group discussions,
and in-class exercises.  Students' performance will be evaluated
through exercises, short essay papers, and midterm and final
Class Meeting: Two 75-minute lectures each week (TR, 11:15 - 12:30P,
SE 140)

Instructor:  Professor Mary Lee Luskin, Criminal Justice Department