Criminal Justice-coas | Criminal Justice Management
P411 | 1583 | McGarrell

(NOTE  Service Learning Course)

Course Description:  This course seeks to address topics of criminal
justice management by combining a traditional classroom approach with
a service learning opportunity.  Course readings and classroom
discussions will focus on management theory and the relationship
between management practices and issues such as the satisfaction,
alienation, and effectiveness of employees.  We will also consider
broader issues of organizational effectiveness and the relationship
between the organization and the environment.

Simultaneously, students will spend two hours per week at the
Bloomington Juvenile Correctional Facility working one-on-one with
youths confined in the facility.  The goals of this service learning
component include providing a service to the youths and staff of the
Bloomington Juvenile Correctional Facility and providing an
opportunity for IU students to gain professional experience in a
criminal justice setting.  The course will emphasize relating the
service learning experience to criminal justice management themes.

Service learning is "a type of experiential education in which
students participate in service in the community and reflect on their
involvement in such a way as to gain further understanding of course
content and of the discipline and its relationship to social needs and
an enhanced sense of civic responsibility" (Hatcher and Bringle,

Students will visit with a youth at the facility one time per week for
approximately two hours and work with the youth on thinking about
treatment/programming plans and about a plan for the youth's return to
the community.  Students will be provided training for this activity
and will need to attend an orientation program and complete a
background check. Students will need to be able to provide their own
transportation or to carpool with classmates.

Course Readings:

Osborne, D. and T. Gaebler Reinventing Government
Bortner, M.A. and M. Williams Youth in Prison

In addition, a reading packet is available at TIS and handouts will be

Course Requirements:

1)  Weekly attendance at the Bloomington Juvenile Correctional
Facility for approximately 2 hours (students will submit a log each
week about their visit to the facility).
2)  Weekly written journal entry linking the service learning
experience with course themes and readings (this will include an
internet posting and a copy submitted in class).
3)  Weekly class attendance.
4)  Four take-home essay questions.

Class Meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (T, 5:45-8:15, SY 103)

Course Will Satisfy: CJUS major 400-level requirement. Students will
have the option of taking this course for COAS intensive writing

Instructor: Professor Edmund McGarrell, Criminal Justice Department