Criminal Justice-coas | Violent Behavior
P623 | 1597 | Oliver

This course provides a graduate level analysis of the academic
literature on criminal violence. A major portion of class discussions
will be devoted to examining the motivations of violent offenders and
the social and interpersonal contexts in which acts of interpersonal
violence are committed.Gender and racial variations in styles of
violent offending will also be examined.The specific acts of violence
that will be discussed include domestic violence, assault, homicide,
and robbery.

Performance Evaluation: Final grades will be determined based on the
following criteria:
Research Paper - 50%
Written Assignments related to Assigned Readings and the Research
Paper(including an annotated bibliography) - 50%

Required Readings:

Baskin, D., & Sommers, I. (1998). Casualties of Community
Disorder-Women's Careers in Violent Crime. Boulder, CO: Westview

Eigenberg, H.M. (2000). Woman Battering in the United States-Till
Death Do Us Part. Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press.

Levin, J., & McDemitt, J (1993). Hate Crimes: A Study of Offenders'
Motivations. Boston: Northeastern University Press.

Polk, K. (1994). When Men Kill. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Wright, R., & Decker, S.H. (1997). Armed Robbers in Action. Boston:
Northeastern University Press.

Websdale, N. (1998). Rural Woman Battering and the Justice System: An
Ethnography. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Class Meeting:  T, 2:30 - 5:00, SY 146

Instructor:  Professor William Oliver, Criminal Justice Department