Classical Studies | Roman Culture
C102 | 1018 | Long

C102:  Roman Culture   (Section # 1018)  3 credits.  1:25-2:15 MWF T.

This course offers the student a general and elementary introduction
to the culture and society of ancient Rome.  It considers such topics
as the growth of Rome from a small bronze age community to the ruler
of the Mediterranean,  its literature, politics,  religion (including
the significance for the Romans of new foreign religions such
as Christianity) , military life, education, entertainments (including
gladiators), sculpture, painting, architecture, and philosophy.

There shall be three multiple-choice exams.

Required texts:

Jo-Ann Shelton:  As the Romans Did:  A Sourcebook in Roman
Social History  (Oxford University Press, Second Edition)

Chris Scarre: The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome (Cambridge
University Press)

Andrew Ramage and Nancy Ramage:  Roman Art  (Prentice Hall,
Third Edition)