Classical Studies | Problems in Classical Civilization
C494 | 1031 | Bannon

C494: The Roman Family, will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from
9:30A-10:35A in the School of Public and Enviromental Affairs, PV 270

The Roman family seems so familiar: those mischievous adolescents of
Roman comedy, the "father-knows-best" feeling of patria potestas, and
the importance of family in politics (George who?). But scratch the
surface and our comfortable identification is challenged by the
presence of eunuchs adopting children, laws requiring widows and
widower to remarry, and natural children, sons or daughters of slaves
and their owners nestled in the bosom of the family. This seminar
explores the multi-faceted phenomena of the Roman family through
research, writing and class discussion. The first part of the course
presents an overview of the topic through readings in classical
sources and scholarship, along with an introduction to the materials
and tools for research on the Roman family.
In the second part of the course, students pursue research projects
focused on primary sources investigating an aspect of the Roman family
(topics to be chosen by students); they present their research both as
an oral report in class and as a research paper at the end of the