Classical Studies | Survey of Latin Literature I
L536 | 1060 | Leach


Section 1060 meets Tuesday and Thursday in Woodburn Hall 108 from

	The first semester of the survey course will present as broad
and as full a picture as time allows of Latin literary history from
Livius Andronicus through Ovid's "erotic" poems within a cultural
context. Selections in Latin will be assigned for discussion in each
class. These will be short, but supplemented by extensive readings in
translation. There will also be substantial reading assignments in
secondary literature. Traditional scholarly questions will be
introduced, especially through readings in the Cambridge History of
Latin Literature and G.B. Conte's Latin Literature: A History, but
discussion will also emphasize the construction of continuities in
Roman literature by considering its history as an aspect of Roman
social culture. The new volumes of the Cambridge Ancient History will
provide necessary background. In addition to other assignments,
students will be expected to submit bi-weekly responses to their
reading in the form of short papers.
	All needed books are available in the Classical Studies
graduate library, but, for the convenience of those who wish to build
personal libraries, relevant translations will be placed on bookstore
order. These will include:

Penguin Translations of Cicero's Letters; Cicero's
Rhetorical/Philosophical Work; Ovid's short poems; Sallust; Caesar's
Civil War; Suetonius; Horace's Satires.
Oxford World's Classic Translations of Livy 1-5; Lucretius; Horace's
Odes and Epodes; Ovid's Metamorphoses.