Communication And Culture | Women in the Media
C203 | 1164 | Nicola Evans

Class meeting: TR 9:30-10:45 am WH111
Screening: W 7:00-10:00 pm      BH013

This course introduces students to the accomplishments of bold women
both on screen and behind the camera. The course surveys historical
milestones in the representation of gender issues in the cinema and
on television, drawing on examples of groundbreaking work in
documentary, Hollywood and avant-garde cinema. Topics
include 'women's genres' such as maternal melodrama, the development
of a feminist countercinema, cross-dressing and queer cinema, femme
fatales and film noir, and bad girls on the small screen. The course
will also introduce students to key theoretical debates on the
evolving relationship between vision, pleasure and power. Screenings
include works by women of color, both US and American female
directors, as well as male directors whose films push the envelope on
gender issues.

This course if for anyone who loves to discuss film, is interested in
gaining a new perspective on mainstream works and curious to get a
glimpse of the kinds of films that will not be "coming to a cinema
near you" any time soon. Attendance at screenings is required.