Communication And Culture | Media Theory
C410 | 9545 | Trevino

This course provides an introductory tour guide of sorts to the
central concepts, debates, and movements of media theory, and will
help you become familiar, comfortable, and even conversant with
theoretical vocabulary and questions.  Approaching media from a broad
perspective will enable us to survey different issues surrounding
media specificity and the various intellectual traditions informing
media studies, including critical theory, empirical social research,
cultural studies, feminist analysis, and postmodernism.  Finally, this
class is a unique chance to not only learn about theoretical concepts,
but how these debates developed from and are informed by their
specific historical and social contexts, as well as other previous

Class meets MWF: (11:15am-12:05 pm)   Woodburn Hall 106

There will be weekly screenings Weds. evenings. 6:30pm  9:30pm


Class participation/lecture & screening attendance- 10%

Critique (2)  15% each (for a total of 30%)

Midterm  30%

Final  30%