Communication And Culture | Native American Communication & Performance
C430 | 1201 | Richard Bauman

This course is organized as a survey of communicative patterns in
Native American cultures and their realization in performance. The
performance forms we will consider include oral performances (e.g.,
radio, film). We will also explore the use of performance forms as
symbolic resources in literature and film. Readings will be
supplemented throughout the course by media presentations.

Bright, William, ed 1993. A Coyote Reader. Berkeley and Los Angeles:
University of California Press.

Evers, Larry and Barre Toelken, eds. 1998. Native American Oral
Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation. Special issue of Oral
Tradition 13 (1).

Swann, Brian, ed. 1994. Coming to Light: Contemporary Translations of
the Native Literatures of North America. New York: Vintage Books.

Course packet available at the IU Bookstore and TIS.

Written work:

Midterm examination
Final examination
Two 5-page papers