Communication And Culture | Organizational Communication
C440 | 1202 | Patricia Andrews

C440 is a course that introduces students to theoretical and
pragmatic aspects of organizational communication, as well as the
political and cultural forces that influence the ways that
organizational members and leaders respond to diverse issues,
challenges, and opportunities. Students will be introduced to both
classical theorists and popular contributors to the organizational
communication literature. Popular books, films, plays, and case
studies will supplement more traditional text and scholarly readings.
Lectures will provide overarching theoretical frameworks; discussions
and other classroom projects will invite active student participation.

Among the topics to be address are:

The place of communication in contemporary theories of organization
and management.
Defining leadership
Power and empowerment
Teamwork, group communication and decision making
Ethical issues confronting organizations
The impact of technology on organizational communication
Crisis management and organizational legitimation
Gender, communication and leadership
The value/meaning of work; negotiating tension between home, work,
and community life.

Besides completing two essay examinations, each student will write a
short review of a film, play, or book that is pertinent to issues
explored in class. In addition, together or in teams, students will
undertake an organizational communication case project, which will
culminate in a short in-class presentation.