College Of Arts And Sciences | Literary Classics - Popular Culture
E103 | 0046 | Johnston, I.

This course will examine 20th-century popular culture versions of
literary classics in movies, TV, musicals, stage dramas and comic
strips. We will explore these re-makes in terms of the socio-
historical context in which they were made. We will address the fact
that most re-makes are movies: ours is a visual culture and cinema a
20th century invention. We'll ask ourselves, "What aesthetic of
thematic changes does the change in medium cause?" Moreover, many of
the literary "classics" were actually considered "popular" in their
own time. So we will also ask, "What constitutes a classic?"
and, "What is popular culture?" Our aim will be to define some of the
possible relations between the two.

Students will write three four-page papers and a final essay exam.
Regular attendance and participation in class discussion is a must.
There will be separately scheduled screening of films.