College Of Arts And Sciences | Ethnic Identity of American Jews
E104 | 0159 | Bahloul, J.

This course will question identity in its relation to culture and
religion, by exploring a particular culture in America, namely the
Jewish one. The ultimate question this course will help students
answer is: what is identity? How is it shaped and expressed in
cultural and religious settings? How do American Jews form, express,
and transmit their identity through a variety of social and cultural
strategies, whether in the domain of cultural associations, religious
congregations, family gatherings, political participation, collective
memory, academic and non academic learning, revival of ethnic
language, and last but not least ... cuisine. In particular, students
will read and discuss such important themes as religious practice,
the structure of the family and of Jewish education, women's roles
and status, current demographic challenges, with a specific focus on
intermarriage and fertility decline.