College Of Arts And Sciences | The City of Ecosystem
E105 | 0189 | Reynolds, H

Course Format: Lecture (2:30P-3:20P, MWF, JH 239), discussions and
community projects.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Description: Can humans avoid environmental destruction? This course
will provide a firm theoretical foundation in ecosystem ecology and explore
its application to the creation of sustainable cities. Topics include
global change, biodiversity, ecosystem services, urban agriculture, urban
sprawl and sustainable development.

Required Text: Eugene P. Odam, "Ecology: A Bridge Between Science and
Society", and Mark Hertsgaard, "Earth Odyssey: Around the World in Search
of our Environmental Future".

Weekly Assignments: Hands-on projects, readings, minute papers and discussions.

Exams/Papers: Fact-finding mission, project prospectus, mid-term and final