College Of Arts And Sciences | Patterns in Sound
E105 | 0194 | Gierut, J.

This course is a study of the sounds of spoken language.  We address
three questions:
	What do speakers know about the sounds of their language? To
answer this, we consider slips of the tongue, language games, and
product names.
	How are sounds of language produced with the mouth, yet
perceived with the ear? The tools of phonetics, including voice print
analysis, are used to show the practical sides of language for
technologies for the disabled, trademark law, and other court
	How are sounds of language acquired? We discuss why it is
easy to learn a first language, but oftentimes difficult to learn a
second language.  We also look to speech therapy for insight to the
learning process.  Throughout the course, linguistic facts are
integrated with hands-on demonstrations and applications, emphasizing
education, health, technology, business and law.  Course requirements
include readings, exams, and essays.