College Of Arts And Sciences | Earthquakes & Volcanoes
E105 | 0197 | Ripley, E.

This course, intended primarily for non-science majors, offers an
introduction to the most exciting—and terrifying—manifestations of
the dynamic processes that are continually reshaping our planet:
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The course will present a general
overview of these violent natural catastrophes, examining their
fundamental causes, documentation of earthquake and volcanic
phenomena, the wide range of secondary effects—such as landslides,
mudflows, and tsunamis (tidal waves)—that are triggered by quakes and
eruptions, and the societal response to these natural disasters. The
class will also focus on aspects of earthquakes and volcanic activity
that are related to critical public policy issues of our time: energy
and mineral resources, global climate change, nuclear arms control,
and natural hazard reduction.