College Of Arts And Sciences | Understanding a Local Economy
S104 | 0221 | Tilton, T.

Using Jane Jacobs' recent book The Nature of Economies as our primary
guide, we will conduct an investigation of the Bloomington/Monroe
county regional economy.  We will study private firms, not-for-
profits, and the public sector, learning as much as we can about each
organization's missions, management, budgets, circumstances, and
success.  We will consider the effect of globalization on the local
economy and study local economic development strategies.  The
emphasis will be on first-hand experience with these organizations,
their leaders, and employees.  In addition to trying to grasp the
structure of the local economy, its interconnections with the larger
world, and its prospects, we shall focus on how well it provides
economic well-being for its citizens.  Students should gain a deeper
appreciation for the larger university community and a "real world"
look at many of the subjects they will study while in residence.