College Of Arts And Sciences | West African Society in Novels
S104 | 0222 | Clark

Novels written by African authors are one of the best ways to see
African cultural values and family loyalties and conflicts from the inside
out.  These six famous books will give you two contrasting approaches to
each of three West African countries with close historical links to the
United States through the slave trade.  By comparing the viewpoints these
authors present through various characters, you will understand better how
perspectives change from villages and cities, from rich and poor, from
women and men, and from British and French colonial times to
independence.  Many books also include portraits of white residents and
their ideas about Africa.  You will discuss how each author might have
developed the opinions he or she shows, and figure out your own points of
view on important policy questions.  We will also watch videos about the
same countries.  For each unit, you will read the two books, complete a
worksheet on each, and write a four page paper comparing material from
both books on one aspect of life in that country that you choose.

Chinua Achebe   Things Fall Apart
Buchi Emecheta  Joys of Motherhood

Ayi Kwei Armah  The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born
Benjamin Kwakye The Clothes of Nakedness

Sembene Ousmane God's Bits of Wood
Mariama Ba      So Long A Letter