College Of Arts And Sciences | Minds in Robots and People
S105 | 0225 | Smith, L.

By the mid-1980s, researchers from artificial intelligence, computer
science, brain and cognitive science, and psychology had begun to
realize that people and computers are not smart in the same way.  But
what is the difference?  One big difference is that people have
bodies!  This seminar will explore how bodies (and a physical world)
matter to intelligence and intelligent behavior by testing, building,
and experimenting with Lego robots.  Through readings and hands-on
activities, students will be introduced to basic issues in
philosophy  (the mind-body problem), artificial intelligence, animal
behavior and evolution, psychology, neuroscience and cognitive
science.  Grades will be based on participation in discussions, in
experiments with robots, 7 1-2 page-writing assignments, and three
poster sessions (mini conference-like presentations of experiments
with robots).