East Asian Languages & Cultures | East Asia: An Introduction
E100 | 1611 | Kasza

This course offers a basic introduction to the development of contemporary
social systems in Japan, the People's Republic of China, and the Republic of
Korea (South Korea).  No prior knowledge of these countries is expected of
students.  We will address four subjects in regard to each country:  (1) the
traits of its traditional society just prior to Western penetration in the
mid-nineteenth century, (2) the impact of Western imperialism, which
threatened the independence of most Asian nations and prompted the dramatic
changes that have made them what they are today, (3) a review of
contemporary society, including its social structure, cultural values, and
political-economic system, and (4) a discussion of the U.S. relationship
with the country.  Assignments include quizzes, exams, and short papers.