East Asian Languages & Cultures | Topics in East Asian
E204 | 1616 | Kennedy

Topic: Government and Business in East Asia

This course provides an introduction to the relationship between government
and business in countries in East Asia since the end of World War II. Key
concerns include: A) The role of the state in promoting economic
development-to what extent should governments be credited for East Asia's
rapid economic transformation? B) The influence of economic development on
political liberalization-has economic development created greater popular
support for democracy? and C) Business's influence on public policy-how does
business wield political power? The course considers countries in Northeast
Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) and Southeast Asia (Thailand,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) in comparative perspective, but also looks
at international and transnational factors. Lectures are supplemented with
discussions and audio-visuals. Readings combine secondary sources, primary
documents, and journalistic accounts. Assignments include two papers, a
quiz, a midterm, and a final. No prior background in East Asian studies is