East Asian Languages & Cultures | Survey of Korean Civilization
E233 | 1618 | Robinson

This course is designed to introduce you to the culture, history, and social
practices of Korea.  For the last half-century the Korean peninsula has been
at the vortex of regional and global power conflicts.  Little is known,
however, about Korea's ancient traditions, unique culture, or important
contributions to East Asian and global civilization.  This course introduces
the Korean people, their historical past, language and literary production,
contributions of East Asian intellectual traditions, and its fascinating
contemporary history as a divided nation-a product of the mid-twentieth
century Cold War.  We will also have to examine the remarkable rise of South
Korea as an important Asian trading economy and its role in reshaping
balance of power in East Asia.  The course will use literature, film,
historical writing, and contemporary popular cultural artifacts to explore
this vibrant and fascinating culture.  Course requirements are two
examinations and a final.