East Asian Languages & Cultures | Chinese Foreign Policy
E350 | 1622 | Kennedy

We are currently being bombarded with conflicting images of China's place in
the world. Some argue that China is challenging the United States as a
regional or global hegemon, while others hold that China is a status-quo
power whose interests are in concert with the international community's. And
still others suggest China is (and will remain) too weak to make much of
difference internationally. This course considers these possibilities by
examining several influences on China's foreign policy (domestic
institutions, the balance of power, culture, and ideology) that shape its
security, economic and cultural relations. The focus will be on relations
with particular regions (the US, East Asia) and with various global regimes
(arms control, trade). Assignments include 75-100 pages of weekly reading,
three papers, a mid-term, and a final. There are no formal prerequisites,
but students SHOULD already have taken a course involving Chinese history or