East Asian Languages & Cultures | Japanese Politics
E505 | 1626 | Kasza

This course meets with the undergraduate section on this topic, POLS Y334.

This course surveys Japan's modern political institutions and foreign
policy.  There are no prerequisites.  Class meetings combine lectures and
student discussion. [See Professor Kasza for the course requirements for
graduate students].

We will spend about three weeks on the period from the late 19th century to
the U.S. Occupation of Japan after World War II, emphasizing continuities
and discontinuities after the war.  We will then cover the police, the
judiciary, elections, the party system, the bureaucracy, the press, interest
groups in sectors such as big business and agriculture, and political
culture.  Special attention will go to the state's industrial policy,
welfare policy, and policy toward the environment.

Regarding foreign relations, we will examine Japanese policy toward Korea
and China as well as security and trade relations between Japan and the
United States.