East Asian Languages & Cultures | Elementary Japanese I (undergraduate)
J101 | 1658-1660 | Sarra

This section is for undergraduates only (4 credits).

The goal of J101 is for students to acquire basic communicative skills in
Japanese and to become well-rounded in their overall skills (speaking,
listening, reading, and writing). This course will introduce hiragana,
katakana, and a few kanji. Each week, the class meets in two large-group
(TR) and three small-group (MWF) sessions. The TR sessions primarily
introduce and explain the grammar and culture relevant to the lesson; use of
Japanese by students is encouraged, but students may use English to ask
questions on aspects of grammar or culture. Use of Japanese by both
instructors and students is mandatory in the MWF sessions, which are devoted
primarily to practicing what has been introduced in the TR sessions.

Course requirements include class performance, for which daily practice with
language tapes is essential; regular attendance in all class sessions;
homework assignments; and various quizzes (including pop quizzes), a midterm
and a final exam. Assignments are graded; late submission of assignments
results in a reduction of points.