English | Intro to Writing and Study of Literature
L141 | 2053 | K. Johnston

TOPIC:  "The End of the World"

In this course, we will discuss literary works (novels and poetry),
movies, rock and roll lyrics and songs, plays, paintings and other
materials concerning the idea of the End of the World.  We will begin
with the Book of Revelation from the Bible and end with "Terminator"
starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Most of the material will be from the
20th century, after a brief two-to-three week historical introduction.
Among authors and texts considered are H. G. Wells, "The War of the
Worlds," John Hersey, "Hiroshima," and Tony Kushner, "Angels in
America."  Films include "Apocalypse Now" and "The Seventh Seal," as
well as "Terminator."  There will be mid-term and final examinations
and at least three papers.