English | Intro to Writing and Study of Literature
L141 | 2071 | Mary A. Favret

TOPIC:  "Representations of War"

The goal of this course is to improve the student's reading and
writing skills through concentration on a rich and significant subject
of study.  We live in a culture where war appears frequently in our
living rooms and bedrooms, via television, and thereby becomes more
like a form of entertainment than a devastating, violent activity that
disrupts our lives.  How war gets represented to us tells us a good
deal about our culture and the way that culture understands the rest
of the world.  In this course, we will study a wide range of
representations of war, primarily in literature, but also in art, film
and public monuments.  We will cover a broad historical range, from
Homer's ILIAD through the first world wars in the Napoleonic era, and
into some of the transformative wars of the twentieth century.  In our
studies, we will be asking ourselves:  What counts as war?  What do we
get to see?  What is left out in these representations?  What meaning
do these representations try to give to a violence often experienced
as meaningless?  Our reading and analysis of these representations of
war will guide us in learning to write and think better, more clearly,
and in more complicated ways about war and violence.