English | Projects in Reading & Writing: COMICS, CARTOONS, AND CULTURAL ANALYSIS
W170 | 1967 | Michael Chaney


This analytical writing course explores critical questions regarding
comics and cartoons.  Ever wonder about the way the Sunday Funnies
depict the "average" family or how comic books perpetuate myths about
masculinity and violence?  In this course we shall ask not only how a
cartoon like "South Park" walks a fine line between art and obscenity,
but also where in culture such lines get drawn and who gets to draw
them.  Lessons will focus on analyzing how comics and cartoons tell
stories about culture, how they mark identities and record social
crises.  The work required of students includes a substantial amount
of critical reading, four major papers, a few short writings, and one
research presentation.  Students need not have any special knowledge
of comics.