Fine Arts | Impressionists: Rebels with a Brush
A340 | 9133 | --

Topics in Modern Art

This course examines the emergence, development, and impact of
Impressionism, from the scandalous nudes and prostitutes of Edouard Manet
to the meditative water-lily canvases that occupied Claude Monet during
his twilight years in Giverny.   We will look closely at the careers,
innovations, and artistic identities of Manet, Monet, Degas, and Cassatt,
among others, and will consider the social, cultural, and political forces
that galvanized and shaped Impressionism.  Topics include: impressionism
and the idea of modernity; the art of spontaneity; urbanity and the
artist-dandy; the spaces of femininity; impressionism and the changing
countryside.  Course work includes assigned readings, quizzes, research