Fine Arts | Roman Arhcitecture
A418 | 2221 | Van Voorhis

The history of ancient Roman art is arguably best known for the formal and
technical innovations of its architects.  This course will examine the
broad spectrum of Roman buildings constructed in both the capital city of
Rome and the Roman provinces from the Republican period to the end of the
fourth century A.D.  The course is organized in three distinct, yet
intertwining parts, each of which reflects a different aspect of Roman
architectural history.  First we will examine the evidence for the
construction of buildings:  the background and training of the architect,
construction materials and techniques, and the practical organization and
execution of building projects.  We will then explore the formal and
functional history of Roman architecture, with a focus on surviving
monuments.  The course will conclude with an exploration of architecture
in context, focusing on issues of urbanism and on the reception and use of
Roman buildings by the public.