F363 | 2427 | Stoeltje

Meets with CMCL C414.  The course will focus attention on women's experience
as told through their own voices or through the voices of "tradition," which
are not always gendered.  We will examine narratives of birth, violence, and
romance as sung through ballads and song, told through narratives of
experience and life histories, and expressed through folk tales, both
literary and performed, traditional and feminist.

Our study will consider women's stories, as women have told them and as
"tradition" has embodied them in Africa and in the English speaking
tradition (folk and fairy tales).

The course will have three written projects:  an interview with a woman
about her life experience; a group project on social problems facing women;
a fairy tale project.  Grades will be based on the written projects plus
performance in class on a daily basis.

Fulfills a COAS Arts and Humanities, Traditions and Ideas distribution
requirement and is on List A of the COAS Culture Studies requirement.