F609 | 2442 | Maultsby

This course will present a chronological overview of the primary genres of
African American music, from slavery to the present.  Emphasis will be
placed on understanding the separate identities of the individual genres,
while at the same time examining those processes by which the genres are
interrelated.  The contrast of inter- and intra-cultural interactions and
meanings will form the core of this course.  Topics to be explored include
the use of African American music as a form of resistance; the double
meaning of texts; and issues of representation, musical transformation,
ownership, and authenticity.

The primary texts will include: Dena Epstein, Sinful Tunes and Spirituals
(1977); Eileen Southern, Black Music in America (1983); Sam Floyd The Power
of Black Music (1995); and Mary Ellison, Extensions of the Blues (1989);
William Barlow "Looking up at Down": The Emergence of Blues Culture (1989);
Other readings will include articles from the Black Perspective in Music,
Black Music Research Journal, the "African American Music" section of the
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Vol 3 United States and Canada, and
introductions to assigned edited collections of music.

Evaluation:  Two take-home exams; a final paper that critiques the