F804 | 2454 | Shukla

Meets with F404.  This course critically looks at museums as places of
object storage and preservation, research and scholarship, and exhibition,
education and even entertainment.  In order to understand the museum today,
a historical approach is necessary to see how the institution of museums has
changed and been affected by academic trends, by popular culture and by
politics.  The course surveys the earliest museums to present-day
institutions in which technology, interactives and amusement park atmosphere
play an increasing large role.  This class will focus on the workings of the
museum, including collections management, conservation, registration,
curatorial, exhibit design and education.  Also of interest are the areas of
public relations, development and the museum store, where the exhibit
experience is continued and commodified in the form of souvenirs.  Finally,
students will be required to take a couple of field trips and look
critically at select  museums exhibitions.  Equally important will be trips
to virtual exhibitions and expeditions, where the audience access to the
museum's ideas and art is limited and expanded, simultaneously. In
interpreting the museum itself, we gain an understanding of not only the
cultures on display, but most importantly, the cultures beholding.