French And Italian | Reading and Expression in French
F300 | 2521 | Wilkin

The aim of this course, given entirely in French, is double: 1) to
improve students' literacy in French and 2) to expand their ability to
analyze literary texts. What better way to achieve these goals than by
reading, discussing, and writing about reading itself? Throughout the
semester, we will attempt to formulate our own answers to the
following questions: Why and what do people read? Who does not read
and why not? What are the perceived benefits and dangers of reading?
Texts to be studied include select poems, excerpts from Daniel
Pennac's essay, Comme un roman, Jean-Paul Sartre's
autobiography, Les Mots, Simone de Beauvoir's Mémoires d'une
jeune fille bien rangée, and all of Farida Belghoul's novel about
an illiterate seven-year-old girl, Georgette! We will view
three movies: La Lectrice, La Cérémonie, and Afrique, je te
plumerai. We will visit both the rare book collection at the Lilly
Library and the adult literacy program at the Monroe County Library.
In addition to six informal (1 page) assignments, students will write
and rewrite two analytic essays (3-4 pages) and conduct one final
research project in groups on a topic related to the themes of the
class. There will be no final exam. Prerequisite: FRIT F250, F255, or
F265; fulfills AHLA requirement.