French And Italian | French Classicism I
F523 | 2544 | Hinds

Topic: The Rhetoric of the Passions.  This graduate class will study
the literary representation of the "passions" in the broad,
seventeenth-century sense of emotions and sentiment. We will examine
the transformation of the rhetorical arts of the Renaissance in the
Classical Age, and their use to represent an emerging psychology of
emotion. In this survey of poetry, prose fiction, drama, critical
treatises, and philosophy, we will reconsider received notions of the
Baroque, la libre pensée, Cartesian metaphysics, preciosity,
and Classicism. Readings will include poetry by Malherbe, Théophile de
Viau, and Régnier, excerpts from the moralists, Honoré d'Urfé's
L'Astrée, Mme de Lafayette's La Princesse de Clèves,
Descartes' Traité des passions, Corneille's Le Cid,
Molière's Dom Juan, and Racine's Phèdre. Students'
grades will be based on their participation in discussion, a midterm
essay, and a final paper. Students may enhance their grade with an
optional oral presentation.