French And Italian | Applied French Linguistics
F580 | 2547 | Valdman

F580 is designed to introduce prospective teachers of French and
persons interested in the language issues of Francophone countries to
the structure of the French language and to such sociolinguistic
problems as the notion of correctness and geographical and social
variation. Emphasis will be placed on issues and methods rather than
on exhaustive coverage of individual topics. Among the topics to be
treated will be: varieties of French in and outside of France;
pedagogical norms; remedial phonetics; the spelling reform issue; key
aspects of the structure and use of the language; the teaching of
vocabulary and use of dictionaries. Cross-listed with Linguistics.

Prerequisites: No previous course work in linguistics is assumed;
since the course will be taught in French, in-depth competence in the
language is required.

Texts: A packet of various readings.