French And Italian | Contemporary French Theory and Criticism
F647 | 2549 | Chaitin

F647 is an advanced course on the theory and criticism of the
twentieth century in France. Beginning with a brief glance at
Saussure and the Russian Formalists, Jakobson's structuralist poetics
and the basic terms of narratology (Genette), the course explores the
trends and concepts that have dominated the critical scene in the past
three decades: deconstruction (Barthes, Derrida, Lyotard),
intertextuality (Kristeva); psychoanalysis (Lacan); feminism
(Iragaray, Cixous, Rose, Kristeva); cultural theory (Althusser,
Bourdieu, Foucault). There will be a midterm and a final examination.
A term paper may be substituted for the final exam with permission of
the instructor. There will be no incompletes in this course.